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Bollywood actresses try to bring out their best clothes


Bollywood actresses try to bring out their best clothes at parties and promotional events. They go out of their way to look gorgeous with international labels. But unfortunately at times, their dresses don’t fit them so very well and it results in to sheer embarrassment especially with the paparazzi all around them all the time. Reading till now you might have made a guess that this is written on the malfunctions that has happened with Bollywood actresses. Yes you are right, but it does not happen by choice. It just means that they have a bad day. But they can never escape the eyes of the media. Let us look at some of the leading ladies, who have had such uncomfortable moments.


Katrina Kaif

Katrina was at an award function and suddenly a girl by-mistakenly stepped on Katrina’s floor sweeping gown and Katrina was wearing a gown which had a slit, and the slit widened because it got stretched and Katrina’s right thigh was completely on display, she was utterly embarrassed and designer friend Anahita Shroff helped her get out after this malfunction happened. Poor Katrina it was not even her mistake.


SonamKapoor considers herself to be a fashionista, but her over confidence in dressing landed her in to big trouble not once but on two occasions.The first time it happened when she was promoting her movie Aisha in Delhi. Her off-shoulder dress just kept falling from her shoulders and she was getting utterly uncomfortable, she was just not uncomfortable with the top, her short skirt was giving her nightmares, and why because it was so short that it could have got uncomfortable for any girl. However at that time sister Rhea Kapoor came to her rescue and covered her upper legs with her purse.  Another incident with Ms. Kapoor happened when she was out to promote her film at Radio Mirch. She chose to wear an errant pant, which was too lose from the waist and whose zip was just not ready to get zipped and she with all her might tried to do so, but Alas she couldn’t, and when she couldn’t she pinned it up.

Kareena Kapoor:

KareenaKapoor, a name which willsurorise most people has also been a victim of wardrobe malfunction. Kareena is very much the safest of all but, her safety could not save her from this day, she was at an event and giving interview and then the shutterbugs just wouldn’t stop clicking her pics, well it was not because she was looking great it was because Kareena was wearing a short dress and her inner thighs were visible and these pictures flashed all over the web.

Aishwarya Rai:

Again, being a Bachchanbahu, no one could have expected such a blunder from this, otherwise understanding lady. How did she go wrong and so horribly wrong, we really can’t believe. Well Aishwarya was promoting her movie Raavan and as usual she was looking pretty in sari, but something went wrong and she did not come to know this for a while. Well this is embarrassing, well we can just say she was wearing a short blouse, and it went really embarrassing for Aishwarya. How could you do this Ash, you are our only answer in Cannes but cannot even handle a sari well.

Yana Gupta:

Yana Gupta came to a children’s charity event, panty-less. Now common don’t try to be Britney and Paris, you are not of that level Yana. She even casually said that she came just that day and she could get her things.  She even said that it’s a not a big deal.

Lara Dutta:

Miss Universe Lara Dutta, faced her embarrassing situation in Srilanka at the IIFA Award red carpet. She had worn a golden gown, which was designed very beautifully and suited her personality. But as she was greeting her friends, her top slipped and mush more of her cleavage was visible than usually expected.


KanganaRanaut suffered malfunction twice. The first time was immediately after Fashion released. She was walking the ramp for a designer, and her busts were clearly seen through the neckline which did not go unrecognized by the paparazzi. She felt uncomfortable but there was nothing that could have been done. On another occasion, at ManyatttaDutt’s baby shower, her pink dress gave way from the side, and even though she tried to hide it with her hand, she could not manage to. Might be she could help cursing herself for these bad days.


ShilpaShetty’s one shoulder dress gave her a lot of trouble on her reception as it kept slipping frequently and she had to pull it up to adjust the misfit.

Urvashi Sharma:

Who Urvashi Sharma, well she is the Naqaab girl; no don’t remember the girl who was seen in KhattaMeetha as Akshay Kumar’s sister, you don’t remember the movie. But anyways Urvashi Sharma also had a share of malfunction, when she was shooting for Priyadarshan’s flick. It was a shoot in Kerala and the button of her blouse just popped up. Well the girl had brains and she just ran away to her vanity van.

We really feel bad for the entire actress’s featured here in this article and we know most of them have not done it on purpose. it was just a mistake or something else. But Diva’s next time do watch out before you wear anything skimpy, because you know the paparazzi, they have an eye to capture the minutest of the details. However thumbs up to these ladies, they had the power to handle such embarrassing situation.

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